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Susan's Art Background

Early Years

From earliest childhood, I felt a great bond with horses and I strived to capture the unique spirit and beauty of each horse I painted. I owned a horse in my early years named Hy Ariel, a Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse gelding. Ariel and I were partners in learning the art of dressage, my favorite discipline of riding. Currently, my daughter owns a paint horse named Cayuse and has also studied the dressage discipline.

College Years

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Miami University, where I was a fiber arts major. In my sophomore year, I was awarded a full scholarship to study abroad in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It was here, in the heart of Europe, that I developed my love of painting.On weekends, one could find me in the great galleries - the Louvre, the Jeu de Paume, the Tate Gallery, etc. My love of horses also found inspiration in the European masters of classical horsemanship.

Current Years

When commissioned to do a portrait, I feel it is important to see the horse in person. Only in person, can I capture the little nuances that make that horse special. With paintbox in hand, I arrive at the barn, take photographs, sketches and notes. My watercolor tubes of paint are brought out and I make color swatches of the horse's coat, matching the paint's pigments to the coat of the horse. A painting is always started on a sunny day, as I feel natural sunlight captures the highlights of the horse's coloring best. In my painting, I strive to capture for each client those special qualities that portray a very special friend - their horse.

My art teaching experience includes art work shops, camps at the Dayton Art Institute (D.A.I.), substitute teaching and my own art camps. In the Fall 2004, I was the Guest Artist for the Family Exhibit at the D.A.I.'s Oktoberfest.

My watercolor potraiture of horses graces many homes. I continue to pursue my love of working with art.

This is my 5th year of having Art Camps. This year promises to be better than ever with lots of really cool new projects!